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Welcome to Boulevard Realty, where Houston's rich history and vibrant future converge. With a legacy spanning over two decades, we are more than a real estate firm—we're your community-driven partners, committed to shaping Houston's neighborhoods into thriving havens. Led by Broker Bill Baldwin, our team of dedicated professionals guides you through every step of your real estate journey with unwavering expertise and a genuine passion for our city. 

From historic homes to modern marvels, we specialize in connecting you to the heart of Houston. Discover the Boulevard Realty difference and let’s experience excellence together—your journey starts here!

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Discover a curated selection of exceptional Houston properties with Boulevard Realty. From the Heights to Montrose and beyond, our listings showcase a diverse range of homes that cater to your unique lifestyle. Whether you're seeking historic charm, modern elegance, or urban convenience, our portfolio offers a spectrum of possibilities to find your dream home in the heart of Houston.

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Step into the world of Boulevard Realty—a story of dedication, revitalization, and community commitment. Established as the premier Heights real estate firm, we've transformed the urban landscape by investing in the neighborhoods we serve. With a history of success, our founder, Broker Bill Baldwin, has led the charge, selling over $1 billion worth of properties and acquiring the firm that would become Boulevard Realty in 2008. Discover our journey to becoming Houston's trusted real estate partner, guided by a passion for preserving the character of our communities.

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Stay informed with Boulevard Realty's insightful blogs, offering a window into market trends and real estate expertise. Our commitment to keeping you updated empowers you to make informed decisions as you navigate the ever-changing landscape of the Houston real estate market. Explore our blogs to gain valuable insights that shape your home buying or selling journey.

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The Heights of Real Estate Excellence

Elevate your real estate experience with Boulevard Realty's exceptional track record. In 2022, we ranked 56th out of 4,747 Houston real estate firms in total sales, solidifying our position among the city's top performers. As one of the top 10 real estate firms selling inside the loop and among the top 2 independent firms, our dedication to excellence sets us apart. With a team of experienced agents, a commitment to local investment, and a legacy of community engagement, Boulevard Realty stands as your trusted partner in the Heights and beyond.

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