When you choose to work with one of us, what you're really getting is a trusted advisor to always be there no matter what. Before, during, and long after your last transaction. Call, email, text, or message us anytime. We're happy to help.

Our Trusted Advisors

The licensed, full-time agents of Boulevard Realty aren't only in the business of real estate sales. That's just what we do best.

We're really in the business of creating a better city by being experts and advocates for all things Houston.

We are pretty confident in saying that we are 50+ of the most knowledgeable, resourceful, and passionate Houstonians you'll find. We excel at the nuts and bolts of real estate because we are engaged in constant, in-depth education on all things homes and neighborhood, focusing on what we think does or should matter most to you. We each have different areas of expertise, but we all possess an exceptionally strong foundation in everything that goes into local real estate: deep market insight, keen negotiation skills, familiarity with all of the city's innumerable great neighborhoods, a hyperlocal and lifestyle-focused knack for marketing, and the ins and outs of the forms, processes, and pitfalls that go into every home sale, purchase, or lease.

Where we shine, however, is our commitment to not only successful real estate transactions but to seeing happier Houstonians in homes they love and neighborhoods where they feel deeply connected and proud. That means much of our work takes place behind the scenes, as the volunteers, activists, advocates, and students of everything that goes into quality of life in our city.


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All Our Agents

Brooke Hayward

I grew up in a military family where moving every four years was a way of life. I loved the expectations of a new ho…

Photo of Brooke Hayward

Candace Helstrom

Contact Candace if you are in the process of buying, selling, or renting a property. Get the help you need finding y…

Photo of Candace Helstrom

Susan Ripley Hilliard

Susan Ripley Hilliard possesses all the attributes one would hope to find in an agent. This Charlotte, North Carolin…

Photo of Susan Ripley Hilliard

Jerry Jaggers

Jerry Jaggers says "the home has to speak to you, and it has to say…This is it!" Jerry, a native Houstonian, …

Photo of Jerry Jaggers

Briana Karim

Bio coming soon!

Photo of Briana Karim

Lauren Kenney

A Galveston native BOI (born on the island) with extensive experience investing in Galveston properties, Lauren brin…

Photo of Lauren Kenney

Brandon Krueger

Design. Build. Sell. Brandon Krueger isn’t just your Realtor, he’s your new construction, remodel, and r…

Photo of Brandon Krueger

Melissa Kubala

People in the Heights know Melissa Kubala. She has become a well-known and respected specialist in the area, both as…

Photo of Melissa Kubala

Star Massing

Star believes every client deserves a one-of-a-kind service tailored to their specific real estate needs. Communicat…

Photo of Star Massing

Brad Miller

LISTENING IS KEY! Brad Miller is an energetic agent who believes that listening is the key to success when working w…

Photo of Brad Miller

Reyna Moore

Reyna has always had an unwavering passion for real estate. Even before dedicating herself solely to real estate, sh…

Photo of Reyna Moore

Elsa Morse

Elsa brings to her real estate practice a lifetime‚Äôs knowledge of treasured Houston neighborhoods. A Spring Branch/Me…

Photo of Elsa Morse
Broker Associate

Cynthia Mullins

Cynthia Mullins was born in Houston and grew up in Friendswood. She received her B.S. in electrical engineerin…

Photo of Cynthia Mullins

Frank Muniz

Photo of Frank Muniz

Kelly Myers

Kelly has lived in Galveston for the past eighteen years and owns a home in the city. Being a third generation Houst…

Photo of Kelly Myers

Ashley Nix

Ashley was born and raised in the Heights and has always been passionate about Houston. Being a native Houstonian ha…

Photo of Ashley Nix