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Bruce Hutmacher

With an architect/builder as a father and and interior designer as a mother, it’s not surprising that I find myself in real estate. Although, my background is in communications, having worked for several local newspapers and entertainment magazines, assisting clients with purchasing or selling a home has become my passion. Now, I know how that sounds, especially in today’s world, but it’s true. I really do enjoy what I do. As a small child, I would visit my dad at various construction sites, fascinated and awed at witnessing a pile of lumber and related building material transformed into a beautifully constructed home. It was magical. I would watch my dad reading and modifying blueprint drawings. Within a few months a house was formed, with walls and windows, doors, and a roof. It was inspiring. My mom, however, dealt with home interiors. But it wasn’t until I walked into the home of a friend and noted how different it looked from ours, that I truly appreciated her talents.

Their home seemed so dark and disorganized. I was amazed too, how it never changed. Through the years, it became like a museum. Our home, however, was like a chameleon. Rooms were constantly changing. Furniture placement was never the same. One week the fireplace was the focal point, the next week it was the piano. Which of course, my brother and I were forced to re-position, time and time again. Window dressings changed with the Seasons, as did the pillows and throws. Our home, was always warm and inviting and always always changing. Now, as an adult, I have sought a profession, which allows me to appreciate all types of construction from the inside out. From selling new homes to historic remodels, I’ve seen it all. And yet, there’s always more. But, unlike the impressionable and naive youth I was, today, I view these homes with an understanding and awareness of the structural mechanics; whether solidly or poorly constructed.

Whether the design, though aesthetically appealing, is truly practical. It’s this appreciation I provide to my clients when purchasing a home. In turn, when it comes to selling a home, I rely on some of the basic techniques my mother employed in our own home, to help “stage” it; to make the space warm and inviting and most of all, appealing for the next owner. Real estate, however, isn’t just about homes, it’s about people. It’s about negotiation. Most importantly, it’s about communication. A realtor has to truly understand his clients’ needs and then apply that understanding to achieve the desired end. Well, that’s it. If you think I can be of assistance, whether purchasing or selling your home, please don’t hesitate to contact me. It’s a nice feeling to enjoy what you do for a living.

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