Our Office

In May 2019, at a time when most real estate firms were moving away from brick-and-mortars, we continued to buck the trend by opening a new space at 927 Studewood that is quite literally covered in antique Houston brick. This 21st century real estate office helps us offer a more centralized, personal experience, and allows us to further build on the strong foundation we've established here in the Heights.

Our home at 927 Studewood can really be broken up into 2 spaces, our Heights Headquarters (our versatile office space on the second floor) and YourSpace by Boulevard Realty (our innovative coworking concept on the first floor). Essential to the design of both of these spaces was the idea that we wanted them to bring Houstonians together.


Heights Headquarters (927 Studewood, Suite 200)

Taking up the entirety of the second floor at 927 Studewood, our Heights Headquarters is where you'll find our staff and many of our agents working hard 7 days a week. It's also a state-of-the-industry training space and a community event venue. From pop up markets to book signings to White Linen Night parties, this space is frequently connecting people who might not have otherwise met.

YourSpace (927 Studewood, Suite 110)

YourSpace is what you need it to be. Located on the ground floor of our office building at 927 Studewood next to Mastrantos, this is a coworking space a la WeWork that can be used by any and all Houstonians as a place to work, hold events, or network. For more information, visit yourblvd.com/space.