Selling a Home with Boulevard.

Selling a home with Boulevard Realty is about more than a sign in the yard, a marketing flyer, and a listing on The way we see it, our service to sell your home and neighborhood started years ago. Maybe we've been the longest-running Platinum Corporate Sponsor of your neighborhood association (as we have been in the Houston Heights). Maybe one of Bill's recommendations as part of Mayor Turner's Quality of Life Transition Committee has helped bring more public art to your neighborhood. Maybe we played a leadership role on the PTA or Shared Decision-Making Committee for your local elementary school (as we have been at Harvard and Travis, respectively). This is what we consider our highest duty as a listing firm: having a vision for and working towards the ongoing betterment of your neighborhood to, in turn, increase the value of your home.

So when it comes to marketing your home, we take it personally, because we are constantly investing in you neighborhood. We want to tell the story of your home and your neighborhood, knowing that there is someone out there for whom it's the perfect fit.

Here is our philosophy when it comes to listing and marketing your home:

  • Make sure it has its best showing in a competitive market: This means we will give you sound advice when it comes to staging (because we are stagers and designers) and remodeling (because we are architects, builders, and remodelers) well before we are confident in saying your home is ready for its close-up. Buyers today are very discerning and want move-in ready or a clear path to making it their perfect fit. From providing quotes from trusted vendors on remodeling to virtually redecorating for the MLS and other marketing materials, we want to make sure you have the strongest showing.
  • Price it right: We have a fiduciary duty to act in your best interest, which means giving you our most accurate and studied valuation of your home. We take a hyperlocal, block-by-block approach to finding comparable properties, and the number we have in mind may not always match what you're thinking. That's okay, as long as we give you our best, most informed advice.
  • Market based on what really works to sell your home: We tend to focus on starting with the strongest showing on the MLS, since that's where the vast majority of buyers find homes, and timing is just as important as appearance. We'll craft a listing that stands out for its narrative, accuracy, and substance. We may not send a "Just Sold" postcard to the surrounding neighborhood, because that doesn't really work to sell your home, it just makes us look good. We tailor our marketing materials and strategy to telling the story of your home to the right people.
  • The agent most likely to sell your home is your agent: This may seem like common wisdom, but at other listing firms phone calls and inquiries about your home are distributed to other agents. We think that does you a disservice, so send all inquiries directly to your listing agent.
  • You need a dedicated team: While other real estate firms use a centralized showing or answering service, we employ a full-time team of schedulers who you'll get to know throughout the process of selling your home. We get to know your preferences, pet's name, and schedule so that showings go as easy for you as possible. And, we answer those calls 24/7.
  • Your Realtor needs to be respected in the real estate community: The name on your yard sign means something in that buyers' agents want to know a home is listed by someone who is trustworthy, available, and easy to deal with. That is why we invest just as much time into strong relationships within the real estate community, licensed professional to licensed professional. So when you see us serving on a Houston Association of Realtors Advisory Committee or offering free classes to other real estate agents and firms, it's really on your behalf.

Of course, we also provide the standard listing promotion services, taking it a step further where we feel it best serves you:

  • MLS and other listing site exposure with professional photography and thoughtfully crafted descriptions,/li>
  • Open houses to attract buyers and get feedback from the Realtor community on your home,
  • Email marketing to the agents most likely to sell your home,
  • Content marketing telling the story of your home and neighborhood,
  • Social media marketing to target likely buyers.

When it comes to contracts, negotiations, appraisals, survey and title issues, and everything in between all the way through closing, we are just as skilled.

For our best advice about what it look like to get your home sold, contact us today:

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