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Wendy Rosenfeld and Rick Smaile both recently celebrated their 2nd anniversary with us at Boulevard and we couldn’t be happier to have them here! Wendy and Rick both joined us shortly after Hurricane Harvey so they really were a bright spot for us after the storm. We hope these two would have eventually made their way to Boulevard regardless, but it was Harvey and factors surrounding the storm that truly pointed them in our direction.

Wendy decided to come on board with us after visiting what became the Houston Relief Hub—a citizen-led hub for donations, volunteering, and relief formed in the aftermath of Harvey—and hearing our broker/owner Bill Baldwin’s presentation on real estate and recovery less than 10 days after Harvey. She witnessed many

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Boulevard Realty's Top Producing Galveston Agent Robert Zahn has a weekly blog through his position as Galveston Association of  Realtors President. We will be highlighting some of our favorite posts from our very own Robert Zahn. This post features understanding the appraisal process : Appraisals are detailed reports based on on-site valuation as well as sales data. They include details about the subject property along with comparisons for similar properties. An appraisal is the only report accepted by lenders to make a decision whether to loan the money. Link to the article is below

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Boulevard Realty's Top Producing Galveston Agent Robert Zahn has a weekly blog through his position as Galveston Association of  Realtors President. We will be highlighting some of our favorite posts from our very own Robert Zahn. This post features shopping online vs in person: It's all on the internet. Admit it. Shopping online for a new house is amazing. You can do it late at night. Beautiful rooms, manicured lawns, decks with a beach view. But, Browsers beware: Those delicious listings may show you the perfect house, but they may not show the entire picture. Link to the article is below

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Marianne Terrell has been a member of the Houston Heights Woman's Club for years. One of their many community initiatives is the Uniform Drive for local students. Did you know that many students in need miss class because they don't have something clean to wear? The Houston Heights Woman's Club is accepting gently used (free of stains, tears, and logos) polos, shorts, pants, and skirts. Monetary donations are also being accepted through August 23rd. Boulevard Realty is accepting donation drop-offs at 927 Studewood in Yourspace. Check out the HHWC Website for complete details.

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Boulevard Realty's own Lauren Alff was nominated to participate in the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Lauren was then asked to host a 2019 Man & Women of the Year fundraising campaign. As part of Lauren's campaign she held an elevated, female-focused cocktail party in order to raise awareness and donations for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Lauren had sweet treats from Bare Bakery at the event. Lauren also had a guest speaker, Emily Elliott, a personal stylist/wardrobe consultant. She shared tips and trick on how to look your best. They had shops and boutiques come to the event (India Hicks, Saint Lo Boutique, and Luisa Fernanda Nadarajah). They even had a silent auction filled with great items from cooking classes, to restaurant giveaways! All

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"TBT" Throwback Thursday, Boulevard Realty's very own Martha Beaudry was named Federal Political /Coordinator. There are 24 hours in a day and some how Martha uses every last second. Martha is not only a Boulevard Realty agent but she is an active member of the Greater Northside Chamber of Commerce. She stays busy giving expert advice to her clients but, finds time to support her community as she is an actively involved in the Greater Northside Chamber . She joined to support local business and increase the quality of  life in Northside and Northside neighborhoods. Martha recently became the Federal Political Coordinator for Congresswomen Sylvia R. Garcia. In doing so, Martha is hopes involvement on a federal level increases her impact in the

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Boulevard Realty's very own Wendy Rosenfeld lends a hand with an artsy project in the Near Northside. Wendy welcomed two talented hardworking Near Northside artists to help capture the spirit of currently listed 407 Goldrenrod by hosting a Near Northside art event showcasing amazing talent by local artists! The proceeds from the art that was sold last Thursday went to an organization called Avenue CDC. Avenue CDC is an organization with deep roots in the Near Northside to help preserve the Near Northside.

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Kenny Terrell is often seen going above and beyond the average call of a Realtor. He knows the devil is in the details of a listing and personally painted a client's mailbox to ensure all the listing photos popped. It's not surprising when you consider Kenny is well known for service above self as a Veteran, Eagle Scout, and Houston Heights Association Board Member. 

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The Friends of Oak Forest Park is one of Rhonda's Oak Forest Faves! Through their spectacular fundraising events like the Festival of Abilities, collaboration with the City of Houston and neighbors and local businesses working together they’ve raised funds to create a park for kids of all abilities. Their mission is the one of the many reasons why Rhonda enjoys sponsoring this festival. 

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Harris County Commissioner's Court moved forward with a vote to adopt interim floodplain development rules yesterday, and one of the most sweeping changes is to the stormwater detention requirements for new development county-wide. The purpose of these changes is to continue to make the region more flood-resilient in the long-run, and stormwater detention and drainage play a huge role in this. Basically, detention is any feature on a tract of land that serves to slow down the rate of drainage downstream and/or into the storm sewer system. When the rate of drainage is too fast, that puts properties which may be downstream or "lower" at greater risk of flooding, and there is obviously a chain reaction to this. While most of the current regulations at the

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